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Training modules available from early 2018

Payments 101

Broad and comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of the payments ecosystem, giving an in-depth snapshot of the entire industry and a better understanding of how it all fits together. Ideal for fast-tracking those new to payments or exploring less-familiar aspects of the industry.

Merchant acquiring

This course explores the ecosystem, the roles of the different stakeholders, the complexities of settlement, international variations and implications, and risks and regulations relevant to merchant acquiring. Delegates will be better able to negotiate and collaborate with others through an improved understanding of the environment and the available opportunities.

Payments systems

This course presents an in-depth look at payments systems including inter-bank payment systems, card payment systems, payment system operators, the infrastructure of payment systems, payment service providers (PSPs) and the role of different industry bodies in the UK.

Regulation & compliance

This course offers a detailed understanding of regulatory obligations and the broader legal context. It will help those navigating their companies through the maze of regulations in the UK and Europe by ensuring they understand how the regulations apply to companies providing payment services, to minimise the risk of non-compliance.

GDPR for payments companies
Everyone knows GDPR is coming in May 2018, but do you know what it means for your organisation, your customers and the data you hold? This course drills down into GDPR regulation, examines the requirements and considers the implementation implications for payments companies, taking you through what you need to do to prepare for GDPR and stay compliant.

Security & risk-management

This course presents delegates with an invaluable immersion into payments security, exploring the different types of payments fraud and fraudulent authentication, the exposure of companies to fraud, the range of approaches available to minimise the risk and an understanding of how to build fraud considerations into their roles.

Future of fraud and fraud prevention
This course takes delegates beyond current types of fraud and fraudulent authentication into what lies around the corner and needs planning for. Delegates have the chance to discuss future approaches to minimising risk and managing fraud with their peers and then consider the relevance to their business and where change is needed.

Distributed ledger technology

This course gives delegates a detailed appreciation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies – how they work, the opportunities they offer and their potential to disrupt payments as we know it. It will enable them, and their employer, to remain relevant, up-to-date and commercially competitive.