Company: Polymath Consulting
Position: CEO

David Parker

• David Parker is the founder and CEO of Polymath Consulting.
• For the EPA he co-authored the Passport to the Future report and strongly supported the Regulator Conference
• He has sat on the Project Europe and Project Media working groups
• Authored the EPA Awards categories and criteria
• Has been a judge on the EPA awards for the last two years
• He is co-chair of the People in Emerging Payments forum on linkedin
• Represents the EPA as an Ambassador at events such as BACTA
• Outside of the EPA Polymath Consulting has assisted the emerging payments industry to progress by helping new companies e.g. Marq Millions, IPF, Smartlink and Opal Money Transfer enter open loop payments.
• Help new banks enter Bin Sponsorship e.g. North Channel Bank, Germany and Assaray International Trade Bank, Libya.
• Assist companies become regulated in new markets e.g. Wirecard Group in Asia.
• Support companies launch new products to complement existing closed loop solutions e.g. Park Group and Fleetcor
• Facilitate new scheme members and assist in their complying to scheme regulations: Euro Trans Pacific Bank, Puerto Rico and Park Group, UK
• Enable new Programme Managers to launch e.g. MNygo, Lebanon
• David has also looked to support the sector with free services for the industry including the Polymath Processor Database & Fee Simulator along with the new Licencing Support Website.
• In 2017 David published a detailed white paper with a colleague on the specific implications for the industry of PSD2 for the Emerging Payments Industry.
• Since 2007 David has published through Polymath Consulting the Prepaid Report that tracks every single consumer loaded card in the UK and for a number of years Italy as well. The report monitors all the fees and benefits of these cards.
• In the last year or so David has been involved in supporting some 23 organisations from across 12 markets covering North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia; prior to that he has worked in Africa and Australia leaving only Antartica as a market he has not yet had a client in.
• The FREE Polymath Consulting Processor Database was published in 2015 and in Q2 2017 was relaunched with a new updated database
• The number of users of the database has grown by 88% in the last year!
• The FREE Polymath Consulting Consumer Fee Simulator was launched in 2016 and to quote Mastercard “was the most successful added value product launch they have ever done” in relation to prepaid cards.
• The FREE Polymath Consulting Licencing Support Website was launched to industry professionals in March 2017 and will launch to the industry in Q2 2017
• David chairs conferences and events from Mumbai to Moscow; Las Vegas to London and Johannesburg/Nairobi in Africa to Colombo/Sri Lanka.