Company: Jigsaw Business Solutions Ltd
Position: Managing Director

John Bohan

John Bohan serves as the Managing Director of Jigsaw Business Solutions the company he foundered in September 2013. The company provides the following services new gift card products & service launches; sales pipelines & strategy development; loyalty management outsource solutions; gift card and product development and marketing & 3rd party partnership development. Previously, John was the Head of Sales at Marks & Spencers from January 2008 to September 2013. He has 20 years experience in B2C & B2B multi channel retail and was also part of the launch team at John Lewis Solutions for Business.

John also served as a Board Member of the UKGCVA and was Chairman for a 2 year term. He is currently working with EPA as an official Ambassador and is looking forward to support this industry with his retail insight and experience.

My goal is to deliver and  develop products and services that meet the customers’ current and future needs, John is passionate about innovation and bringing the gift card and prepaid sector into retailer thinking. He has a substantial understanding of the market place and  strategic knowledge on what works and does not work across international markets.