Company: vendosolutions
Position: General Manager

Juergen Stichenwirth

As the founder of vendosolutions, Juergen works with companies and individuals across the globe. vendosolutions offers three distinct services: executive coaching, prepaid consultancy and sales outsourcing.

  • Executive coaching: over 1,000 individuals have been coached on presentation skills, sales proficiency, and negotiations. Specialities include English and German rhetoric, non-verbal communication (body language), intercultural awareness, as well as the personal elevator pitch.
  • Prepaid consultancy: as the only independent Gift Card consultancy in the German-speaking markets and in Central Europe, vendo supports clients in finding the right partner companies with respect to sales channels, innovative design/packaging, digital transformation, and with regard to international best practices.
  • Sales Outsourcing: Companies of all sizes and industries look to vendosolutions to enable their sales success. Partnering allows access to vendo’s international client network, cross-border experience, and hands-on sales approach.

Juergen has been in and around the financial payments industry as a sales leader his entire career. Leading roles in companies such as Citibank, Hewlett Packard, Western Union and Stored Value Solutions have led to three decades of signing deals in over 50 countries across all continents. It is this experience that Juergen brings into his role as Ambassador for the Emerging Payments Association, helping members hone their pitching, presenting and selling skills.