Company: dejamobile
Position: CEO


Houssem Assadi

As the CEO of dejamobile, I would be delighted to join the EPA’s advisory board to be actively part of the industry’s dialogue, to commit my expertise and vision in the evolution process of the payment ecosystem and to create new bridges between the EPA and the European mobile payment ecosystem.

With a strong technical background as an engineer in computer science, holding a PhD in Artificial Intelligence, my journey in the payment industry started in 2006 as the Head of the “Security and Trusted Transactions” R&D Department at Orange Labs. I’ve been involved in the creation and deployment of the payment and contactless product line within the Orange Group. During this period, I managed a department of more than 100 people, working on trials and launches in Europe, in Africa and the ME, including Orange Money, Orange Cash, France’s Cityzi and the UK’s QuickTap payment systems.

In 2012, I co-founded dejamobile, a mobile payment solution provider allowing banks and card issuers to propose innovative payment services to their customers while keeping control of the user experience and of the value chain. After 5 years of activity, dejamobile is now the leading provider of white-label HCE solutions in France in particular to the largest retail bank, Crédit Agricole. Dejamobile has become one of the actors driving innovation in the mobile payment space in Europe, with live solutions available to a base of +30m customers of the banks who adopted our solution.

Working on projects of the scale of Credit Agricole’s gave me a deep understanding of the infrastructural requirements for payment providers, as well as it increased my sensitivity to the levers of customer’s adoption.

The acquired expertise in providing payment solutions for major European retail banks enhanced my understanding of today’s expectations and tomorrow’s challenges. It’s with this knowledge of the recent evolutions of the payment landscape that I’m willing to bring pragmatism and enthusiasm in the industry’s vision toward incoming evolutions in these domains, such as PSD2 and GDPR.

As a new member of the advisory board, I would fully commit myself in giving a fresh eye in the EPA’s strategical approach, and to provide the most relevant input to contribute to the growth of the association’s promotion and influence.