Company: Nitecrest
Position: Group CCO

Leeroy Pye

As a payments enthusiast, Leeroy has been involved in the emerging payments sector for more than a decade and has a global vision in terms of product evolution in financial tech and emerging payments. As Co-Founder of TagNitecrest, a specialist card manufacturer and payment technology company, established in the modern era of the financial technology boom, Leeroy is perfectly positioned to add value to the EPA and is prepared to make the necessary commitments and contribution in order to support the much respected association. As a long service member to the EPA, Leeroy shares the same passion and objectives of pushing boundaries of the future landscape of cards and payments and is involved in a lot of voluntary initiatives with major companies in and around Europe. I would go as far as saying that Leeroy’s relentless drive and market vision inspires not only new market entrants but industry veterans who hugely value his attitude and relationship building qualities. Consider Leeroy as an incredibly liked individual and entrepreneur, leading a key company situated at the forefront of the payments revolution with deep routed connections to the payments ecosystem