Company: Choice Bank
Position: EVP, Business Developmemt and Product

Rob Anderson

Choice Global Payments is comprised of Choice Bank Ltd. (Belize) and Choice Financial International, LLC (Puerto Rico). Our financial institutions support Program Managers around the globe in regions that include Asia, UK, Europe and Israel as well as both North and South America. Today, we have cardholders in more than 175 countries. Choice Bank is the largest Mastercard corporate issuer in LAC with 2017 Gross Dollar Volume approaching $1 Billion.

As the leader of this global diversification strategy I have a strong knowledge of the international requirements of payment providers and feel that this would be of significant benefit to the EPA and its membership. The Commercial Banking team also reports to me and I have full P&L responsibility. I should note that while I am not domiciled in the UK I am in London on a frequent basis.