Company: PrePay Solutions
Position: CCO

Tessa Unsworth

I joined PrePay Solutions in 2004. Since then, I have played an integral part in PrePay Solutions’ partnerships with a number of key, long standing clients, in terms of both business & product development and platform architecture and core operations. I have worked throughout Europe providing payment consultancy and solution development in over 16 countries. In my current role, I am responsible for all aspects of the relationship with our clients including account and roadmap development, marketing, service management & project delivery.

I have been in and around the EPA over the last 10 years and also work closely with industry bodies that work with Retailers. In that last year I have been an active member of the Women in Paytech board, organising speaker training for over 50 women, representing the industry in European women events and formulate a mission statement for the group.

I would like to join the Advisory Board and bring over 20 years of experience of delivering innovative and successful payment solutions that have contributed to the growth of our industry alongside a fresh mindset and approach as the EPA moves into its second decade of activity.