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DigiSEq Ltd is a UK based information technology company that provides pioneering provisioning services. We belive the growing market for wearable and mobile devices enabling consumers to undertaken payments with their own device is highly significant from logistical, business and security perspectives. It will necessitate a shift from the more traditional deployment models used by financial institutions today as consumer freedom, convenience and personal choices need to be addressed. In 2015 DigiSEq will bring to the market RFID wristband solutions focused on two vertical markets; ‘festivals’ and ‘lifestyle’. Our mission is to make today’s innovations part of tomorrows daily use.


Terrie Smith, CEO

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Terrie is a mobile payments expert with over 20 years’ experience and a proven track record of product development and management. Her extensive experience includes contactless payments and NFC with fundamental patents related to provisioning and tokenisation. Terrie managed the development of MasterCard’s MOTAPS solution, a pioneering Trusted Service Manager (TSM) solution and more recently helped shape the MasterCard Digital Enable System (MDES), used to support Apple Pay.