Sectors: Media Partners, Payment Networks/Associations

Payments Exchange Canada

Incubated in 2008, originally as an annual conference, in Toronto, Prepaid Exchange Canada was born in March 2011, as the Domestic (Local) Exchange for Global Prepaid Exchange (now EPA) of the UK. Effectively, we are the feet on the ground to bring our industry together with greater regularity, precise focus on the Canadian landscape and to drive adoption of our respective prepaid and payments related services.

Our responsibility is to engage and grow our Community, where we have a respected platform to stimulate and educate consumers, regulators and stakeholders on best practices, trends, challenges and opportunities. To promote excellent relations and build superior relationships, domestically and globally. To expand our stakeholder service capabilities, functionality and engagement through technology, innovation, security and interoperability, so that we may ultimately increase the adoption of our products and services by citizens, organizations and governments.