Mission Statement: To encourage retailers to gain access to PayTech innovations that will improve their customers’ experiences and profitability.

Retailer challenges
Faced with increasing competition, demanding consumers and complex multi-channel distribution challenges, retailers are looking increasingly to the payments industry for ideas, advice and solutions. Previously retailers worked in departmental silos and looked on payments as an expensive and inconvenient obligation. Now many retailers see payments as the point at which their customers’ experiences are crystallised. They see the opportunity to grow customer lifetime value by increasing convenience and adding value at the point of payment. To capitalise on what the PayTech industry can offer, progressive retailers want to learn from the PayTech industry and each other.

The EPA’s solution
To help retailers gain access to the PayTech industry’s resources and learn from other retailers, the EPA runs the Retail PayTech Forum. This is a community exclusively made up of UK retailers from different retail sectors, operating within the boundaries of the EPA community.

The Retail PayTech Forum
The Emerging Payment Association’s ‘Project Retail’ team – one of eight teams delivering change across the payments industry – runs the Retail PayTech Forum. The Emerging Payments Association’s Retail PayTech Forum enables retailers to better navigate the payments innovation space in order to keep pace with customer expectations, accelerate adoption of payments innovation and drive business growth.

The Retail PayTech Forum helps with: Education, Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Innovation, Facilitation, Empowerment and Networking

The Forum is free to qualifying retailers, both e-commerce and multi-channel, who see payments asa source of value-adding solutions to their commercial and technology problems, rather than an inhibitor to progress or an inconvenient cost. The Forum delivers retailers with opportunities to:

  1. Meet selected technology companies in a safe, entertaining format
  2. Meet other retailers and discover their issues and fears in a confidential forum
  3. Collaborate to address communal problems faced by like-minded retailers

The Retail PayTech Forum does a great job of bringing retailers together and driving cross-industry collaboration on the various payments challenges our sector faces. In being aware of upcoming issues and the innovations that are out there, the Forum has helped guide our strategy in providing the best customer experience at the till” – Martin Alden, Head of Commercial Development, Wyevale Garden Centres

Project Retail Team


Malcolm Berg – UK & Eire Sales Director, SVS


Monica Eaton-Cardone – CIO, The Chargebacks Company


Ben Fricke – Head of Supply Chain, Nandos

Ross Musgrove – Managing Director, Musgrove Consultancy

Alan Smith – Managing Director, One4All

Jackie Barker – Prepaid Card & B2B Consultant, The Barker Consultancy

Mark McMurtrie – Director, Payments Consultancy

Richard Lucas – National Account Controller, Incomm Europe

Howard Lewis – Vice President of Retail Development, UK & Ireland, MasterCard

Gary Corbett – Chairman, Tola Mobile

Greg Lee – CCO, Flexepin